Tax Preparation Services


We prepare accurate tax returns for a wide range of clients. From simple personal returns to small business returns.

Individual & Small Business Tax Preparation (Federal & State)


Preparation and review of Form 1040 and all associated schedules.

Preparation of all 50 state personal income tax returns.

Federal and state estimated tax payments.

Prepare communications in response to taxing authority’s notice.

Year-Round Tax Service.

How does the process work?

  1. Contact our office and set up your free initial consultation.  We will compile information about your current tax situation to advise you on how we can help.
  2. Upon receipt of our firm’s tax organizer, complete it, compile all of the requested tax documents and forward them to our office.
  3. We will begin to prepare your return based on the information you provide and contact you for any information that we believe is missing.
  4. You have the option to meet with us upon completion of your return to review and discuss your situation.  Remember, your return is “our” return and we strive to accurately reflect your tax situation.
  5. Once you are confident in the return we prepared, we will ask that you sign IRS Form 8879 to allow us to e-file your return.
  6. You will notified throughout the e-file process, should your return be rejected by the IRS for any reason.

Did you know late returns, amendments, prior years, state returns, and estate returns can be filed all year long? Let us file your late returns. Contact us at (203) 296-0391 to set up an appointment with one of our professionals.