Dana A. Esposito, E.A.

Dana A. Esposito is employed full time by a reputable elder law firm.  She has been a Legal Assistant/ Accountant with the firm since September 2001.  In her full time position she is responsible for processing home care and nursing home Medicaid applications; administering Probate estates; preparing Estate Planning documents and assisting with developing estate plans; acting as a witness to the signing of legal documents and assisting with tax matters.  In addition, Dana has been a tax preparer for over 10 years.

Dana graduated summa cum laude from Post University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and is an Enrolled Agent with the Department of the Treasury.  In order to become an Enrolled Agent Dana had to pass a vigorous exam testing on taxation of Individuals, taxation of Businesses and Representation, and Practice and Procedures.  As an Enrolled Agent Dana can represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service.